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Ysgol Bro Dewi’s school day finishes at 3pm, but every afternoon nearly every child in the school stays till 3.45 to take part in a groundbreaking programme of clubs and activities. Each evening, a variety of clubs are held for all ages,  ranging from sport, cooking, art and craft, science, nature and story time, to clubs to improve Welsh, numeracy and literacy. Some parents have chosen certain clubs to help their child meet some of their class targets or to improve their skills, but the emphasis is definitely on learning through fun!
Mae’r clybiau yn Ysgol Bro Dewi yn cynnwys Cymraeg, chwaraeon, mathmateg, darllen, celf a chrefft, coginio, natur a gwyddoniaeth. Mae’r rhaglen yn arloesol yng Nghymru.
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